Introducing a new chocolate experience...

Gourmet Tree to Bar Chocolate from the San Salvador Estate, Gran Couva, Trinidad

Taste the history…

At San Salvador Estate we believe in the quality of our beans. Our original stock of Trinitario and Criollo-like trees span almost a century. Our cocoa fields have been left in an organic state without the use of pesticides for more than 40 years.

The flavor development of a chocolate is influenced by the genetic composition or taste of the beans, pre and post harvest conditions and the manufacturing process. We carefully control our fermentation, drying , roasting and conching and then add some of our subtle Caribbean spices which enhance the flavor profile of our rich SAN SALVADOR chocolate.





Tree to Bar Experience Tours

Come visit our early 1900’s, 195 acre San Salvador Estate where a world of adventure awaits you!  Get a History of the estate and our cocoa world; cocoa beans, fermentation and drying processes.  View our Cocoa House where our beans are sun dried. 

Then, visit the Chocolate Factory where the chocolate making process will be explained and a have a taste of our SAN SALVADOR chocolate.  

View our many magnificent architecturally designed buildings; The Great House, Entertainment and Conference Centre, Greenheart cottages or our carrat shed where you can stop for a break!!

On the way you will observe our many different species of flora, fauna and exotic fruit trees. We have over 100 species of birds on the Estate!!

General Information

Tours will start promptly so be sure to arrive early; at least (15) minutes 

  1. Bottled water and snacks required as these are not available on the Estate 
  2. Walking shoes recommended and a change of shoes to visit the Chocolate Factory 
  3. Sunblock, insect repellent, hats or umbrellas if required
  4. Allergy or other medication required 
  5. Hair net for visit to Chocolate Factory; one can be provided at a small cost if not available 
  6. Confirmation of tours must be done at least 2 days in advance
  7. Cancellation at least (24) hours in advance in writing

Cost of tour;

$150.00 adults $75.00 children under 12

Minimum: 10 persons

Tour date:  June 1, 2019

Time:  10.00 am – 12.30 pm

Please note that picking of the fruits is not permitted.  Also, visitors will not be allowed in the cocoa fields but close enough to view the trees and pods. This is because of the threat of Frosty Pod in T&T. 

How to Book

To book a tour:


 Call:     685-1310

My journey to purpose

Process!  A small word with a phenomenal meaning.

My Spiritual Journey began in 2010 when I felt guided to resign the job I held for seventeen years as a Business Executive with a well-established company.  While this guidance was extremely difficult for me to comprehend and execute at the time, I diligently obeyed. Although my job afforded me many opportunities and privileges, there remained a void within.

While many of us are reminded by some religious leaders of the process which grapes undergo before they become wine, I could not help but note the process cocoa beans go through before they become this sumptuous delicacy called “chocolate”. Intrigued by this, I quietly compared it to the processing (the dark periods in our lives) that we all experience.

After seven years of being processed myself, completely trusting God and as a consequence of my perfect obedience, I was afforded this new opportunity to produce chocolates.

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With much gusto I went into the cocoa fields and realised something amazing; my soul felt at peace.  Among the trees I experienced clarity of mind and opportunities for contemplation.

Producing chocolates has become my passion.  I love the creation process – the tweaking and tasting and developing of a unique product.

With the guidance of the Universe and an abundance of love, I present my first offering; SAN SALVADOR Gourmet 70% Dark Chocolate.

Karen Swanson

History of our Estate

Mr Jos. D’Abadie, believed to have immigrated from a neighbouring Caribbean island to Trinidad under the Cedula of Population edict, is the earliest recorded owner of the San Salvador Estate in 1919.  Since then, the Estate has changed hands more than five times, the previous owner was Mr. Robert C. Montano, who purchased the estate in 1976 and sold it in 2001 to the current owner, Mr. Dave Ramkissoon.

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In 1919, the Estate grew primarily coconut and rubber. Then, 70 years ago, the cultivation of cacao and coffee trees began on approximately 300 acres of land. Our original relic trees exist today on the Estate and there is still a presence of Trinitario and Criollo-like beans; Criollo was the first cocoa variety to be brought to Trinidad in 1525 by the Spaniards.

Additionally, we have kept our trees and estate in an organic state by not using pesticides for more than 40 years.  This ensures that the fruity and floral flavours of our beans are very pronounced.

In the 1970’s, agronomist, Mr William Freeman, an icon in the science of cocoa breeding, set up a multi-location trial station on San Salvador Estate where he tested the performance of the Trinidad Selected Hybrids, (TSH) in the Gran Couva region.  The TSH is considered to be one of the world’s most commercially successful varieties of cocoa.

Our flavor is as rich as our story … Taste the History

For many years the beans from San Salvador Estate were exported to several international clients including The Hershey Company. We now handcraft our singularly unique chocolates from beans grown on the Estate.


Not too sweet, intense chocolate flavor kicks in after a few seconds. Great size and tasting 70% bar.


Rich tasting chocolate with an amazing smell, not too bitter and not too sweet. Perfect!


No aftertaste, rich mouth feel, smooth.


Excellent flavor profile, this 70% chocolate has a unique charm to it and aroma. Delicious, I give it a 10/10


Simply Divine!


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  • Stechers Duty Free, Piarco International Airport,
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For wholesale/distribution enquiries:

  • Swanson’s Chocolate Company Limited, 191 Tortuga Road, San Salvador Estate,Gran Couva, Trinidad
  • 1-868-685-1310